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Buy Genuine Spare Parts for Cars, Vans, Trucks at The Lowest Rates

Partfinder USA is responsible for providing you with excellent caliber spare parts at economical prices at your doorstep or car workshop without you having to leave the comfort and safety of your home. Surprised? Don’t be, here is how it works. We maintain a vast network of part sellers located all over the US who are trusted and verified and have to go through a very strict criterion to start business with us. They have to maintain an extremely high customer satisfaction rating to continue doing business with us. Our ultimate aim is to always provide genuine and authentic new or used replacement car parts.  Car Spare Parts In Us

Vehicles in the USA

United States produces approximately 10 million vehicles every year only to be beaten by China. There are over 282 million operating vehicles in the United States. Such an influx of vehicles means there is bound to be a huge demand for spare parts that need replacement for your vehicle to perform without any issues. Here at Partfinder US, we aim to provide a one-stop solution to all your worries when it comes to finding the parts for your cars or vans. You can choose from new, used, or refurbished spare parts on demand and we can manage to bring them to your doorstep while you stay safe at your home.

USA, Economic Superpower with Deep Pockets

The US being the global leader of the free world and leading the world in almost every aspect you could think of, has boasted its economic prowess for over a century now. Economic prosperity is evident no matter what walk of life you look at in the US. With the current GDP standing at 21.43 trillion USD and despite the unprecedented and unheard-of pandemic and its consequences, its growth is estimated at 4.1% in 2020.

Industrial revolution may have played its part in providing a solid foundation to economic prosperity but there is no denying that inventing the car on a commercial scale had its fair share. From the invention of Model T and then its commercial production, the United States has led the world in auto manufacturing and has reaped its rewards.  Today automotive industry is the driving force of the US economy, automotive and auto parts stores make up 20% of the total retail sales. The automotive industry adds $545 billion to the US GDP and employs 18 million people in the United States.  Car Parts For Sale In Us

Transportation Preferences in the United States

Despite having an efficient and state-of-the-art transportation system, owning a personal car is a way of life in the United States. Owning your own vehicle can make a significant amount of difference and increase the standard of living. Another amazing fact is that 45% of Americans have no access to public transportation which adds to the significance of personal transportation. Relying on public transport is never a good idea and investing in personnel vehicles is understood to benefit one’s life in more than one way.

Car Repair and Spare Parts Industry in the USA

93% of American households report having access to a personnel vehicle which amounts to almost a vehicle for every household. Such a dynamic means that the size of the repair industry has got to be huge as well. There are reported to be 175K establishments in the US that are titled mechanical automotive repair shops that produce a combined annual revenue of approximately $115 billion every year.

Unlike the developing countries, where there is a strong culture of repairing the spare parts. The US automotive repair market relies more on spare parts replacement for reliable and lasting results. When you have almost 300 million vehicles operating on the roads then a constant, reliable, and easily accessible delivery mechanism of spare parts is essential. It does not matter how carefully you drive or use your vehicle, with the passage of time, you will always be required to replace the aging or damaged parts.  Auto Spare Parts In Us

Buying Car Spare Parts in the US

It pays to have in-depth knowledge when buying spare parts for your vehicle. This could be a major factor in making or breaking your budget. There are usually 3 popular choices when it comes to buying spare parts for your vehicle. You can go for brand new spare parts from the dealership which ensures genuine and well-fitted parts with peace of mind. The only downside is that these parts are not cheap and cost a significant amount. You can do some research and find second-hand car parts that guarantee to save money but you are never sure what kind of quality and condition of the part you are about to get and may end up doing harm to your vehicle and your pocket. Refurbished spare parts are usually the best choice as this is basically a minimally used spare part that is refurbished to the highest standards. This is a better choice as this option not only saves you money when compared to the brand-new parts from the dealership but also works as well as a new spare part and gives you peace of mind.

Best Place to Acquire Used Car Parts

Buying a working and quality spare part at economical prices is an art that is hard to master. Buying brand new parts from the dealership is one thing but if you decided to buy used or refurbished parts from the auto market then you got your work cut out for you. Identifying the authenticity and condition of the part is important and visiting the lengths of US auto markets is not feasible.  Used Spare Parts In Us

Buying the spare parts online is taking hold nowadays and as long as you can find a reliable portal to do business with, it can save you lots of money. You do not have to leave the safety of your home and can get the parts delivered to your doorstep. Partfinder US can help you find authentic and reliable spare parts online without any hassle.

How Does That Work

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to making the process of buying spare parts online as easy as possible. We manage a vast network of parts sellers situated all over the US. Those part sellers are trusted and reliable and are chosen after fulfilling strict criteria.  They have to keep an extremely high customer satisfaction rating to continue doing business with us and are always willing to help.

Ordering the part from Partfinder US is as easy as anything. You just fill in the necessary fields such as make, model, and year of manufacturing, and mention the part that you are looking for. Our automated system picks up those details and finds out which part seller has the specific part available with them. You start receiving non-obligatory quotes from the part sellers and can choose your part according to your specifications and budget. you can order any auto parts including car parts, van parts, SUV parts, or 4x4 parts.

Why Choose Partfinder US  Car Parts In Us

Reputation, fair dealings, and experience are three cornerstones that are critical to any online portal doing direct business with its clients. We recognized the need to provide an easily accessible online portal where anyone can purchase the auto parts they require and invested our resources to fulfill that dream. Our experience has given us the liberty to refine the process of online buying and our reputation has increased many folds due to our transparency. Our stringent checks on the sellers help us retain the clientele and keep them coming back for more.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our business model depends on the sole principle of providing 100% customer satisfaction to our customers. We achieve such a feat by providing a warranty with every part that is sold from our portal depending on the condition of the part. This gives the customer peace of mind and the confidence to come back for more.

Up To 60% Savings When you Buy Used Car Parts Compared to New Parts

Buying new spare parts from the dealership is an expensive affair anyway. When you buy used or refurbished spare parts from us, you are guaranteed to save almost half the price and our seasonal sales add a further 10% to the savings that you are already guaranteed to make. We ask you to give us a try and you can feel the difference that we make when you do business with us. 

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